How can you benefit by using ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service?

1.  Increase market value of your property.  Improve furnishability of your home.  Improve functionality around your home.  Improve ambiance within your home.

2.  Adjust/ renovate/ extend your property with minimum expense for maximum return of investment.

3.  Channel a limited budget into improvement and/or renovation works for maximum benefit.

4.  Buy property at the right price by receiving factual advice on real, superficial and structural condition and potential.

5.  Accept your new home or extension from your builder with confidence that it has been properly built and finished in compliance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard requirements.

6.  Rectify defects that have developed around your established home; practically, appropriately, economically and permanently.


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Advice, Inspections and Designs by Barry Jones
Grad. Dip.Arch
Post Grad.Dip.Prop
Registered Builder



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