Extension and Renovation Design Advice

  • Each year, thousands of West Australians build new homes and extend/renovate homes without obtaining professional advice on market value, furnishability, functionality and ambiance, and just rely on casual design advice given by practising architects, drafting services and builders.
  • Barry has obtained professional qualification in Architecture, Development and Building and is probably the most experienced person to provide professional advice due to his expertise in both design and building construction coupled with years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Some people think they cannot afford an architect. ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service has now come to your rescue offering professional advice services at a surprisingly low and fixed cost.
  • The service is a personalised one. Barry will discuss your accommodation and budget requirements to establish what your actual needs and intentions are.
  • Many different ideas and suggestions will flow during conversation with Barry which will progressively develop into a refreshing alternative ultimate design to suit your specific needs and requirements.
  • Barry's advice will show you how to exploit the potential of the site to take full advantage of gradients, views, passive solar advantages, privacy and much more. Barry's advice will extend to developing dramatic internal spaces which are both functional and furnishable, creating visual links to passive courtyards and active outside entertaining areas, which will economically increase the size of "living areas" in the home and in turn increase market value.
  • Externally, a "play" on the roof shape can provide a dramatic external feature to the house as well as developing interesting volumetric internal spaces.
  • You will receive superior advice than the first stage of an architect's standard service, in which imagination and experience combine to create an individual design to suit your accommodation budget and lifestyle.
  • Avoid using a practising architect or builder.  Practising architects and builders can not provide independent advice.  Their primary aim is to generate new Commissions for their office to make a profit.  Their advice is generally bias and may not be in your best interest.



Extension and Renovation Design Advice

If you are considering extending and renovating your home, Barry will discuss your requirements together with alternatives at your house to increase market value of your property and improve furnishability, functionality and ambiance within your home.

House Design Advice

If you are having a new home or extension designed by an architect, designer or builder, Barry will provide essential design advice to increase market value and appeal of your house or extension and improve furnishability, functionality and internal ambiance.

Oral Advice

If you have problems or concerns with the building process, building contract, design or construction alternatives, building problems or a dispute etc.  Barry will advise you as necessary.  Advice can be in our Office or on site.


Note: We do not undertake working drawings or drafting work.



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